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Plitvice Lakes

The complex Plitvice Lakes, declared National Park in 1949, is a wooded mountainous area that contains a series of 16 beautiful small and large lakes of crystal blue green. They are fed by numerous rivers and streams, and are inter-linked by foaming cascades and thundering waterfalls. In Plitvice Lakes National Park the barriers between the lakes over which are falling magnificent cascades and waterfalls are formed in a special, natural way and are chalky creations, which are hard, porous and brittle limestone called tufa.
The exceptional beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, contrasts of autumn colours, magical motifs of winter, forest and mountain air, walk along the forest trails and wooden bridges, luxury hotels and restaurants attract a large number of visitors from all over the world.
Every visit is a new and unique experience of nature, its strength and beauty.

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